We use familiar songs, stories, nursery rhymes and fun games to introduce soccer to children as young as two years old.  Our unique curriculum triggers your child's imagination by taking their soccer ball, Bob the Bobcat, on adventures to the zoo, the movies, and even an enchanted castle!  Our philosophy and curriculum encourages children to tame their bobcat with their learned deceptive dribbling and ball striking skills.  We leverage creative play and the important developmental skills it provides to make fitness and soccer their favorite weekly activity!

By progressing through our age appropriate curriculum from Little Toes to Future Legends your little one is ensured to have built a solid foundation we hope will lead to a life long involvement in sports and fitness and hopefully soccer!  With an approach designed to support our little soccer stars in classroom learning we will introduce the foundation skills of soccer along with more complex deceptive dribbling and ball striking skills of soccer giving your little soccer star a sport specific head start in the worlds most popular game




Our Age Appropriate and Progressive Curriculum

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 Little Toes

Recommended Ages: 2 - 3.5 yrs old

Expected Outcome:  Improved balance and coordination, Confidence to to perform tasks independent of their parents, Progression from week to week, and BIG SMILES!

This is strictly an introduction to the game of soccer.  Our goal in this age category is to develop the gross motor movements that will enhance balance and coordination while also beginning to develop the muscle movements for kicking a soccer ball.   This class is 30 minutes long and is parent friendly(mom/dad & me).  We strive to help your child begin their independence away from you(the parent) when they join our coaches as they sing, laugh, and take Bob on different adventures. 


Recommended Ages: 3.5 - 5 yrs old

Expected Outcome:   Increased Balance, Coordination, and self-expression.   Improved Confidence and Listening Skills along with a positive self-concept, 3 soccer skill moves and a Brilliant SMILE!

This is our bread and butter!   During this stage your child will flourish within our imagination based curriculum.  Not only will they begin to develop excellent gross motor skills they will also begin to develop a healthy recognition of their own self-concept!   Here our class time jumps to 1 hour as we allow time to introduce fun, non-competitive games along with our imagination based learning approach.  During the class, they will begin to learn basic and advanced soccer moves. These moves are then incorporated into the stories and games that we play without it ever feeling like practice! 

Future Legends

Recommended Ages:  5 - 7 yrs old

Expected Outcome:  Increased Balance & Coordination, a healthy self-concept, the ability to challenge themselves, execution of skills in a game setting, understanding sportsmanship, & FUN!!!

At this stage, we begin to fade out the imagination play aspect of HappyFeet and focus on soccer taught the Legends way!  Our goal is to continue to develop the skill moves learned in HappyFeet while introducing new moves from our Legends skill set. We will spend the first half learning and practicing our skills while the second half of the class will be small sided games such as 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4.  This will allow each child to have the opportunity to challenge themselves to use their moves against others in a game setting.